In chains

Tue 15th May 2007 by Ben Palmer.

I had a really good evening tonight – I met up with an old friend for a drink and some good food in my favourite local pub. I haven't seen her in a couple of years and it was wonderful to be able to pick up where we'd left off and catch up with news of mutual friends.

That aside, she told me some really encouraging news. I sent out an email when I started the petition asking friends and family to sign and forward, and after a few days I wasn't recognising names being added to the list. What I always hoped was that the email would keep on going.

Anyhow, Annabel forwards it to a colleague, who subsequently receives it from two other totally unconnected people. Result!

Then also, a little while ago, there was an email chain from me, to a friend of Jessica's, on to a friend, and another, on to her father (who had already signed) and back to my parents.

That's the success of the campaign, not that I can find x people to sign, but that people are shocked and surprised enough by hearing of a woman's death to want to do something to help.

I read or heard somewhere that everyone in the country is linked to everyone else in the country by a chain of acquaintance of up to twelve people. If that's true, it must be worth taking a moment to email your contacts about a petition to help prevent another mother/wife/daughter/friend's death. Bang, crash, wail.

Emily just fell out of her bed.

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