Early warning kiss

Thu 9th Aug 2007 by Ben Palmer.

nose.jpgDay in day out, I wake up too early to the pitter patter of tiny and not so tiny feet on the stairs up to the loft conversion that is my sanctuary. It's soon followed by a face in mine, and an eskimo kiss.

"Daddy, I watch telleee?"
"Climb in the other side, Emily. Come on, in you come too, Harry."

I love it really, but at six o'clock on a Sunday morning? Well, you know.

The last two mornings I've woken just to sunlight, with no little ones, because they've been with my parents, probably rubbing their sticky noses into the dogs'. That's my Summer Holiday treat and I look forward to it, but the house has been eerily quiet.

Even though I've meant to work solidly on my Project 'X', the silence is more distracting than the sound of pencil on colouring book, lego brick on brick or, "Daddy, I'm bored, what can I do?" and I've spent as much time reading other blogs, realising that I should read more. I'm going to start adding some to my blogroll so I don't forget, but in the meantime;

"Can I have them back, now?"

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