Tooth hurty

Mon 13th Aug 2007 by Ben Palmer.


We just spent a fabulous weekend in sunny Hampshire, staying with some friends. Just before we left Harry was playing with some of their neighbours outside with remote controlled car and a couple of bikes. One of the boys had a wobbly tooth, so thus ensued a parental conversation about how Harry still had all of his milk teeth, and about the Tooth Fairy's going rate.

I was informed that in the countryside it's a pound a tooth - yikes. I was then told that in London it's two pounds a tooth - bloody hell, that almost makes it worth selling mine.

This morning, bright and early, Harry came into my bedroom saying, "Look, Daddy, my tooth is wobbly."

I'll start saving hard now.

P.S. While there's still time; Londoners, please leave comments on the going rate for a tooth!

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