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Sat 6th Oct 2007 by Ben Palmer.

I've neglected the blogosphere a bit lately - I've just had too much to do, but now it's a quiet Saturday and the supermarket has been suitably raided for the week, calm is (temporarily) restored to the Palmer house.

When I watch Harry on the sitting room floor, painstakingly drawing individual leaves on a tree, I am proud. When I watch Emily putting together an underwater scene jigsaw, with the six hair clips, two bunches, twelve hair bands, necklace and two bracelets that she made me put on her this morning, I am proud.

I couldn't wish two more beautiful, loving and kind children on anybody.

But I would do anything I could to stop the fate that has fallen on them from hitting another child.

To say "Goodbye, see you later" to your mother and go to nursery one morning and never see her again, to only be held by your mother for the first five days of your life is wrong. It is also unnecessary.

I hope that by speaking up I am making a small difference, but I won't rest until this country (at least) is free of this Third World disease of the Middle Ages. I loved my wife too much and I love her memory and our children too much.

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