End of Act One

Sat 13th Oct 2007 by Ben Palmer.

So the petition closed last night. 3,880 people signed it and Thank You to all of you who did. It reached number 48 in over 8,200 petitions, and was 12th in over 1,000 Health related petitions, which shows how much we mind about our Mums.

I wish I'd been able to tell more people that it was there for the signing - if I had I know there would have been even more signatures. I look forward to hearing the government's reply to it. (A response to any petition with over 200 signatories is promised.)

It is not the end though. The objective wasn't to get thousands of signatures, but to save lives, and the work will go on.

I have to mention some fellow bloggers. These ladies have really helped by condensing this website into one succinct post, and have written more eloquently than I could have hoped for. In chronological order, thank you to:

BreastfeedingMum, LittleLegends, Manicmama, IngeniousRose and 21st Century Mummy

Thank you also to everyone who has emailed their friends, posted in a forum or mentioned this website on their own site or over a coffee.

Please, don't stop helping to save a mother's life. We can do it, one at a time.

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