Mon 10th Dec 2007 by Ben Palmer.

Harry and I have just been to watch Emily's nursery nativity play. After the wise men had visited Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in the stable and the Innkeeper had given up all hope of getting back to sleep, Emily arrived on stage as one of the angels.

She walked past us looking beautiful and so pleased to see us; trying to balance some serious acting and a big grin. When she stood on the walls of the stable she was quite definitely the best angel on the end of the line to the far right.

Nursery was collecting for Winston's Wish 'Wish Upon A Star' campaign afterwards. When I'd added a contribution, Harry wrote on a star. "I miss you Mummy love from Harry" and "I miss you Mummy love from Emily" before we stuck it onto a skyscape poster on the door. They were both really pleased, but in the car afterwards Emily burst into tears.

Silly Daddy thought she was saying, "I want my muzzy," when anybody could tell it was Mummy that she wanted. During the rest of the conversation, we decided to head over to the Winston's Wish website after tea, and create a star. Then we'll tell Mummy all about the play and how good Emily was.

"Cos, Daddy, Mummy's with the angels, so she'll know," Emily told me seriously, still with a tear on her cheek.

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