No crawling

Tue 15th Apr 2008 by Ben Palmer.

So, the man from the big company came and looked at my floorboards yesterday - the ones outside the house that I replaced last week - and confirmed woodworm. 'The quickest survey I've ever done,' he told me. He did examine the rest of the floorboards, upstairs and downstairs, and has prescribed 'fogging' under the ground floor. The rest of the house has a clean bill of health, fortunately.

His array of quotes, measurements, costings and policy documents covered the kitchen table as he gave me a not-unreasonable quote, which I accepted there and then. 'The sooner the better,' I said to him, and so the men in masks come tomorrow.

I was worried about the effects that wood-boring critter-killer would have on small children, but the answer was reassuring: 'Just don't let your children crawl under the floor for 24 hours, that's what Health & Safety guidelines say.'

This morning Harry went back to school, but could we find his holiday homework folder before he went? Not a bit of it.

My best guess is that it got swept up with quotes and policies, so it was interesting explaining to the Form teacher today, 'Harry did do it, but we can't find it... We think the wood worm killer has it by mistake.'

At least it's more original than saying that the dog ate it.

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