No.10 has responded to our petition. Or has it?

Mon 21st Dec 2009 by Ben Palmer.

The Number 10 e-Petitions website has responded to the Maternal Health petition. Or has it?

The response considerately quotes paragraphs from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guideline Routine postnatal care of women and their babies (2006) which sets out what should happen.

It then quotes the Saving Mothers’ Lives report from the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE, 2007) which really says that more needs to be done.

Lastly there is another quoted recommendation for the use of MEOWS charts.

Most of these documents have been mentioned and linked to from this blog in the past. They are not an answer to the Maternal Health petition, they are the evidence that it was necessary.

We asked the Prime Minister to ensure that every new mother has regular observations recorded on a Modified Early Obstetric Warning System (MEOWS) chart in hospital and in the community, the response merely encourages their use, rather than requires it.

We also asked that new mothers be given clear information and advice on the recognition of childbed fever, specifically, not just the general advice recommended by NICE.

You have quoted us others' reports. Where is your response, Mr Brown? What are you actually going to do? What would Mrs Brown recommend?

(The Number 10 response is here.)

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