Who is Jessica?

Jessica Palmer was a Mum.Jessica Palmer

She died in June 2004, at 34 years old, of childbed fever. It was six days after the uncomplicated birth of her second child.

Jessica's story could save another Mum's life and prevent another family's heartache and pain; that is what Jessica would have wanted.

The story was published in the words of her husband, Ben, in the Daily Mail as the Saturday Essay on 17th March 2007, the day before Mother's Day:

For the love of Jessica: The widower robbed of his wife by NHS blunders
Daily Mail, 17 March 2007

and the story was also told, shortly after the Inquest into Jessica's death, in the Sunday Telegraph:

'I remember following the ambulance, saying to the tail lights: Don't leave me, Jessica. Don't you leave me'
Sunday Telegraph, 4 December 2005

More recently, The Guardian ran a feature on the front of the family section:

After Jessica
Jessica Palmer had an easy labour and a healthy child. Five days later she died from a treatable infection. Her husband Ben talks to Sally Williams about anger, guilt and life alone with two children
The Guardian, Saturday 7 June 2008

Friday's Child was written by Jessica's husband, Ben. It tells the full heart breaking story of a mother's love and a family's loss. Friday's Child was published in June 2008 by Virgin Books.

What is childbed fever?

Childbed fever is an infection of the womb in new mothers which can lead to septicaemia. If left untreated infection will cause organ failure and death - even in young, fit mothers.
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We would like every parent and every midwife and doctor to know that childbed fever is still a very real threat to a mother's life.
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Who is Jessica?

Jessica Palmer was a Mum. She died in June 2004, at 34 years old, of childbed fever caused by Group A streptococcus.
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