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Mon 2nd Mar 2009 by Ben Palmer.

We have an active group on Facebook. Please join our group and invite your Facebook friends as well!

Jessica's Trust Facebook group

We also have a page on the Facebook Causes application. Please join our cause.

Jessica's Trust Cause on Facebook


Tue 15th Jan 2008 by Ben Palmer.

This evening I created a new Facebook group, also called Jessica's trust.

For those of you who use Facebook, you may like to join the group, and help spread the word about our campaign to raise awareness of childbed fever by inviting your online friends to join as well.

Thank you all for your recent messages of …

On twitter

Mon 2nd Mar 2009 by Ben Palmer.

I tweet a mix of personal, parenting and Jessica's Trust information, links, news and chat:

If you have arrived here from the jessicastrust profile you may be interested in some more information:

Jessica's Trust on twitter

Who am I?

I am Ben Palmer, a …

Help us by signing our petition

Tue 3rd Feb 2009 by Ben Palmer.

… posters, running our website and striving to achieve our aims.

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Thank you

Thank you for your help. Together we can make a difference.


Fri 30th Jan 2009 by Ben Palmer.

… hour.

As yesterday approached, CEMACH offered me a corner of their table for my leaflets and books, then a table of my own. By the entrance/exit.

I was made to feel so special I forgot to be nervous this morning, especially as the chair of the conference handed me some Bachs Rescue Remedy. By the time my slot arrived I was feeling comfortable in the lecture theatre, knew what I had to …

In the grip

Tue 17th Jun 2008 by Ben Palmer.

I was sent an early copy of a new book, Touching Distance, last week. I was gripped by it from start to finish and it consumed most of my weekend.

I have also been alerted to a post by dovegreyreader who has also spotted the link between Touching Distance and Friday's Child.

Touching Distance is set in 1790, in the …

Double dose

Sat 7th Jun 2008 by Ben Palmer.

… who has contacted me: Thank you. I am replying as fast as I can!

The extract was from my book Friday's Child which is the story of what happened back then. Today the Guardian has printed an interview, After Jessica, that is as much about now and what my hopes are.

I'm flattered that the article has been put on the front of the Family supplement.

Hot off the press

Thu 5th Jun 2008 by Ben Palmer.

… day is here. This time a year ago I was discussing what would make a suitable title for my book with my agent, prior to submitting a 30,000 word proposal to a handful of publishing editors.

Twelve months and 60,000 words later, it is in stock, on the shelves and on sale. Tomorrow there's a 3,000 word extract in a national newspaper and on Saturday another is printing an interview I did …

Count down

Sun 1st Jun 2008 by Ben Palmer.

… my desks - both at home and in the office in which I have a corner that I call my own.

It's also book launch week, and there's a bit of press coverage lined up too.

Obviously I won't be sad if Friday's Child sells a few copies or more, but the real happiness that I yearn for will come through the people who read of Jessica's plight and are moved enough to spread her story.

If every …

Friday's Child

Wed 30th Apr 2008 by Ben Palmer.

… how she died and realise that this archaic illness is still with us.

Hopefully, by writing this book, I may help save another mother's life, which is the purpose behind Jessica's Trust, so 5% of the purchase price of all books bought through this site will go to Jessica's Trust.

Buy Friday's Child on Amazon


In 2004, Jessica Palmer died suddenly of septicaemia, just six …

What is childbed fever?

Childbed fever is an infection of the womb in new mothers which can lead to septicaemia. If left untreated infection will cause organ failure and death - even in young, fit mothers.
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What's the aim?

We would like every parent and every midwife and doctor to know that childbed fever is still a very real threat to a mother's life.
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Who is Jessica?

Jessica Palmer was a Mum. She died in June 2004, at 34 years old, of childbed fever caused by Group A streptococcus.
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