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Jessica: Friday's Child

Fri 16th Nov 2007 by Ben Palmer.

fridays_child_cover.jpgI've been circumspect about what I've up to for a while, but after a very good meeting with my editor last night I can finally say what Project X is. I've written a book: Friday's Child, A Devastating Story of Love, Loss and Hope.

Six months after Jessica died I starting writing down what had happened to her and what it was like for us, so that Harry and Emily would one day have all of the facts in their hands. The thought of them knowing what happened to their mother breaks my heart, but it is their right, and I have always wanted them to know what they went through, when they are older. Already they don't fully remember.

To start with it wasn't going to be a real book - but as it developed, and as I told people that I was writing things down for the children, some of them suggested that it might have a wider appeal.

My reason for publishing is simple. The more people that read the full version of what happened in June 2004 and the years since, the less chance there is of it happening again.

Friday's Child will be published in June 2008.


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