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A clean sweep

Sat 10th Nov 2007 by Ben Palmer.

We had a good day today. Good as in productive, or mostly so. We trailed around the supermarket and successfully filled our trolley. Even though a mother told me how glad she was that she wasn't the only one with children who climbed up the shelves and rattled the wine display, we weren't the loudest and most disruptive in the checkout queue. The Dad in the line next to us tried to ask the packer for a refund for his two.

I've swept the front path of leaves once, the kitchen floor twice, cleaned the filter and unblocked the soap tray in the washing machine, filled it and the tumble dryer twice and the dish washer has been on for most of the day. Harry has had me helping with his homework and printing certificates from the CBeebies website, and we have coloured in countless Father Christmases and other line drawings together.

Emily has had her hair brushed and arranged countless times, her hair bands, ties, scrunchies and slides fitted, removed, rearranged and refitted, and both of them have demanded apple, raisins and juice all day. Lunch was a breeze, and Emily managed to wear her tomato soup in a mud splattered design for the whole afternoon without wanting to change.

We only had a sense of humour failure at bath time, and I can't even remember why. Both Harry and Emily went to sleep easily and quickly after a story and I almost feel like a proficient Mum.

But I never will be.


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Come on, Daddy

Wed 24th Oct 2007 by Ben Palmer.

I've been so focussed recently on finishing a project that I have let many things slip when I hadn't meant to.

I read a bed time story tonight to two very over excited and giggly people and was given cause to reflect. Mr Messy, because he's all pink, is Emily's current favourite book. At the end of the book, when the story warns of a visit from two people, Mr Neat and Mr Tidy, Harry giggled again and gave me a knowing look.

Yes, Harry we could do with a visit from them - I need to have a very good sort out, but so do you with your toys!

It wasn't his only word of advice to me today. Just before bedtime, while we watched Macca Pacca, Upsy Daisy and the Ninky Nonk (I don't get it, but they love it) Harry handed me a present from the supermarket: 'Simple tips to help you give up smoking for good'.

"Daddy this is for you." Giggle. "You need to stop buying your smokers."

I don't always like it when the flow of good advice from parent to child is reversed, but how can I argue? I gave up for him once before, so I can do it again, but I'm not quite ready to stop procrastinating. Bad Daddy.


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Chore cut backs

Sat 4th Aug 2007 by Ben Palmer.

dsc_0117.jpgI had a letter from the council today - the good news is that it isn't a bill.

Apparently, "the foliage originating on the above premises which overhangs the public highway so as to cause obstruction and danger to pedestrians" needed to be drawn to my attention.

A polite, but firm letter, it told me to cut it within 14 days, or risk having them cut it and charging me for the pleasure.

OK, so the Ceanothus hedge has got a bit overgrown, but I knew that, and yes it extends into pavement, and yes I should have cut it long ago, as I also should have cut my lawn weeks ago. The truth is that there isn't time in the day to do everything, and as hard as I try, some jobs don't get done straight away.

In the old life it would have got done. If I'd left it, Jessica would either have shamed me into doing it by getting the garden shears out and starting the job, or she would have pointed out that as she'd done breakfast, dishwasher and laundry, I could jolly well get on with it.

It's those things that I miss - I'd pay anything for five minutes of wifely nagging from her. Now that I've done a good job on the hedge badly, I'll do the dishwasher, before chaining myself to the oven and kitchen sink to get the children's lunch ready.


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