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Get out, it's my castle

Sun 6th Apr 2008 by Ben Palmer.

An Englishman's home is his castle, and I for one take it as a personal affront to have my space invaded.

There's a loose floorboard in the hall under the rug, which has been damaged at some point in time, or so I thought. As it sank under my heel this afternoon I thought I had better have a close inspection. Half the board had given way. Maybe a scaffolding pole damaged it when the builders were here fifteen months ago, maybe something heavy was dropped on it.

I picked the woodworm ridden bits up and sighed. Maybe the critters are live, maybe they're dead, but there is no doubt that I need to replace at least the one board and spray for good measure.

Having moved the hall table, assorted shoes, trainers and boots to get the carpet up, I thought I may as well have a really proper go with the Henry hoover. Again on close inspection I realised that my previous unwelcome house guests had made a come back. Perhaps they never left, or just moved room, but the rug is riddled and bare in patches.

Now it's well hoovered and sprayed, back and front, with environmentally friendly insecticide (ha, Cypermethrin is not so friendly for crawling and flying insects) and I hope it is saved from further damage.

I'm now in mega clear out, search and destroy mode. Get out of my house you buggers.


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Time of the moth

Sat 7th Jul 2007 by Ben Palmer.

SuitWhen I went to change for last night's school parents' party, I carefully brushed my suit jacket and then started on the trousers, only to find them full of moth larvae and holes. A cursory inspection of the rest of the rail found another suit and a jacket in the same state. I didn't dare look any further, and hung them on the garden bench.

With a horrible hangover this morning I looked again at the wardrobe. My three suits, two jackets and ten jumpers are now in the bin as they're all riddled with the same holes, larvae and wispy white trails of their devourers.

My morning coat, bought for Jessica's and my wedding, almost eight years ago, is a more recent feast I think, because although spotted with larvae I can't find any major damage. It's now in the deep freeze and will be dry-cleaned next week.

I bought one of the suits to wear to go away after our wedding reception, and have since worn it to Funeral, Inquest, legal conferences, round table settlement meeting and the High Court. It's travelled well with me until now and I'll miss it.

Throwing so much of my wardrobe out has made me think about Jessica's clothes in boxes upstairs. Some has already been sent to charity shops, but the 'most Jessica' of her clothes are still kept, maybe for dressing up boxes, maybe for Emily, maybe just for memories. I'm fearful that they could have been invaded but haven't dared look.

As Harry says, usually when he's in trouble and I'm a grumpy Daddy, "I'm not having a very nice life" today.


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