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Cloud watching

Mon 14th May 2007 by Ben Palmer.

So; the beds are made and the press release is finished. Thanks to a very kind man, David Standard, who's Head of Media Relations at Irwin Mitchell, my weekend draft was honed and finalised, and is now on its way out to journalists with a maternity/healthcare interest.

It's been a really encouraging day for the campaign, I've received another slew of messages of support, and one very kind offer of a donation which I've put on hold for the time being. Mental note to self: investigate charitable status and set up a bank account.

As I told the individual concerned, what Jessica's trust really needs is wider awareness and more signatures. Thanks to the Internet, running costs are still minuscule, even if man hours spent is escalating. It probably won't stay that way, so must watch own pocket.

For now I really need you to sign and let all of your friends and contacts know about the website and petition so that they can sign too.

What I hope is that people learn to look out for the tell-tale signs of childbed fever themselves, before it is too late, in the same way that parents are told to look for the signs of meningitis in their babies.

There is no need for anyone to die of this horrific and easily treatable illness. If I can help to save lives by telling Jessica's story, then our very dark cloud may have a silver lining after all.


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Lollipops and Smarties

Sat 12th May 2007 by Ben Palmer.

In a brief moment of silence, I can sit at my computer. My children, Harry and Emily, are devouring post-party goodies, so I can make a start with some work, except I'm blogging instead.

Jessica's trust has been up for about four weeks so far, as has the petition - so I want to take stock. Thousands of site visits, tens of thousands of page impressions and even more 'hits' on the site, but what does that mean? Currently 2,279 e-signatures on the petition. It's a lot, and I'm really pleased, but its not enough!

The number of signatures could be a measure of awareness achieved, but it's not because many, many more people are 'meaning to sign' but haven't yet, even though they know about Jessica and they know about childbed fever. So come on - sign! Then it may be a measure of awareness after all.

Oh, and don't forget that you need to click the link in the email you'll receive from No.10, or your signature won't be added.

Finally, please help spread the word. It does help, and it is saving lives. More on that another time.


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Have your say

Sat 12th May 2007 by Ben Palmer.

I sometimes feel, when I'm a web reader rather than a writer, that web sites and the people behind them can be a bit intimidating, so I observe but don't get involved.

I imagine that Jessica's trust may be the same. I write, I craft and I create a petition, but short of the petition signers, I only get a little feedback. I'd love to have more, but the stories, comments and observations that I do hear are so powerful that I wonder if I could take in any more. Do try me though, it makes it all worthwhile.

For this reason I set up the Your Say page. It isn't about me or Jessica any more, it's about the future mother and her family, so they deserve to be heard as well. Maybe commenting on a blog will be more approachable. I hope so, so go on: have your say!


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