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Full steam ahead

Thu 25th Sep 2008 by Ben Palmer.

I'm Form Rep in Emily's class, so I get to organise the coffee mornings, evenings out with nice food and wine, cajole people into helping run stalls at the Christmas fair/sports day and goodness knows what else. I'm sure I'll find out.

Anyway, I was just chatting to two new Mum's - new as in new to the school - at our first coffee morning of the term about being the only dad around the table and about what the Jessica's Trust banner in my email signature is all about.

Obviously they'd followed the link and read some of the pages, but wanted to know what it was really like, what does it involve and a whole host of questions that a lot of people don't ask, but I like to answer.

I told them, adding that I was hoping to hear from the Charity Commission shortly about whether the application had been successful.

Back at my desk I opened the latest email that had arrived - from the Charity Commission:

Dear Sir or Madam

I am pleased to inform you that the above has now been registered under registration number 1126062 .  Written confirmation follows by first class post.

Please note that the information may take a few days to appear on our website.

etc etc

In the first moments of surprise and delight, suddenly tinged with the reality I thought, 'what do I do now, getting registered is all I've thought about for ages.'

There's so much to do and so many doors to open, but the first jobs are to update the web site, change the letterhead and open a bank account.

I must remember to organise a class night out for the Dads to come along to as well.


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Many returns

Mon 8th Sep 2008 by Ben Palmer.

Tonight our long summer holidays end. We've had an amazing time, visiting Scotland and Portugal, enjoying glorious sunshine in both, but tomorrow all three of us start again at school. I go back in my working capacity in I.T., Harry returns now in Upper School and Emily joins us for her first day at 'big school' in Reception.

How vividly I remember Harry's first day three years ago: shy and nervous, clinging to my arm. How quickly he learned to adore his teacher, an adoration Emily is already learning, before she has started, of the same teacher in the same classroom. How happy Emily will be. How proud a mother Jessica would have been.

But enough of holidays and school. I must also reverse the partially deliberate neglection of the blog and Jessica's Trust. I must pick up the reins and gallop into the enormous amount of work, the Charity Commission's queries, notes that need be written for the meetings I have and the speech I must deliver to a conference of midwives in October.

I feel recharged and energised, and as if I didn't already have enough reason to put my back into Jessica's Trust, I have heard from yet more families who have been deeply affected by childbed fever with horrendous long term illness. We must look beyond the statistics of maternal death to these uncounted cases of horrific suffering and pain from genital tract sepsis and its consequences.

In the meantime, my apologies for going AWOL and my warmest thanks to all those who have left messages of support and appreciation.


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No crawling

Tue 15th Apr 2008 by Ben Palmer.

So, the man from the big company came and looked at my floorboards yesterday - the ones outside the house that I replaced last week - and confirmed woodworm. 'The quickest survey I've ever done,' he told me. He did examine the rest of the floorboards, upstairs and downstairs, and has prescribed 'fogging' under the ground floor. The rest of the house has a clean bill of health, fortunately.

His array of quotes, measurements, costings and policy documents covered the kitchen table as he gave me a not-unreasonable quote, which I accepted there and then. 'The sooner the better,' I said to him, and so the men in masks come tomorrow.

I was worried about the effects that wood-boring critter-killer would have on small children, but the answer was reassuring: 'Just don't let your children crawl under the floor for 24 hours, that's what Health & Safety guidelines say.'

This morning Harry went back to school, but could we find his holiday homework folder before he went? Not a bit of it.

My best guess is that it got swept up with quotes and policies, so it was interesting explaining to the Form teacher today, 'Harry did do it, but we can't find it... We think the wood worm killer has it by mistake.'

At least it's more original than saying that the dog ate it.


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Mon 10th Dec 2007 by Ben Palmer.

Harry and I have just been to watch Emily's nursery nativity play. After the wise men had visited Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus in the stable and the Innkeeper had given up all hope of getting back to sleep, Emily arrived on stage as one of the angels.

She walked past us looking beautiful and so pleased to see us; trying to balance some serious acting and a big grin. When she stood on the walls of the stable she was quite definitely the best angel on the end of the line to the far right.

Nursery was collecting for Winston's Wish 'Wish Upon A Star' campaign afterwards. When I'd added a contribution, Harry wrote on a star. "I miss you Mummy love from Harry" and "I miss you Mummy love from Emily" before we stuck it onto a skyscape poster on the door. They were both really pleased, but in the car afterwards Emily burst into tears.

Silly Daddy thought she was saying, "I want my muzzy," when anybody could tell it was Mummy that she wanted. During the rest of the conversation, we decided to head over to the Winston's Wish website after tea, and create a star. Then we'll tell Mummy all about the play and how good Emily was.

"Cos, Daddy, Mummy's with the angels, so she'll know," Emily told me seriously, still with a tear on her cheek.


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