The Struggles of Troubled Teen Parenting and How to Deal with Them

Troubled teen parenting can be very confusing and overwhelming for any parent and dealing with a troubled teen can absolutely be a struggle. Transitioning to adulthood can be as difficult to teens as it is for a teenager’s parents. You should congratulate yourself if you have survived being a teenager and, furthermore, praise yourself if you have survived parenting your teenaged kids. It will take patience, guts, mental and emotional toughness and a strong will to get through troubled teen parenting. You should always remember as a parent that you are also human like your teenaged children.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself to become the perfect parent to your child. All you have to consider is your best interest towards your child for this will make you sure that your choice for your child will be the right one.

The first thing that you should consider in troubled teen parenting is that your child is in pursuit of his independence and that he is on a journey of finding his own true self. This stage is confusing for you and of course your child and it is a huge responsibility for a parent. Your responsibility includes providing rules, setting limits and guiding your children along the way.

In troubled teen parenting, you should also bear in mind that your kid is in a stage of anxiety. They are usually more sensitive and aware of themselves and their surroundings. Insecurities and consciousness to lot of things may come up like body developments or fitting in to a certain group without success.

Situations like this may lead your children to frustrations that can develop strong feelings of anger, self-pity and hatred. They may turn to drugs and alcohol abuse, eating disorders or self harm that can cause more problems to themselves. This is what makes troubled teen parenting terrifying.

As a parent, you can be prepared with the knowledge to save your children by teaching them how to constructively face their feelings. You can teach them how to avoid decisions that can hurt or endanger them.

The best thing that you can do for your troubled children is to give them your attention by listening to them and letting them know how much you love them. Change of interests and independence are the most common characteristics of teenage years. What you need to do is to become sensitive to these changes to determine if these changes will become constructive or not. The key is to keep the line of communication always open. However, you should always remember that you are a parent and being a friend is only second. Troubled teen parenting is very difficult but it is a situation that you can survive.